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Looking after your vehicle

While leasing a QFleet vehicle, your organisation is responsible for any damage the vehicle sustains. The following information provides useful advice on how you can minimise damage and reduce end-of-lease vehicle costs.

It is important to ensure the vehicle is serviced regularly, as per the manufacturer recommendations. Regular servicing ensures the vehicle is operating correctly and safely.

Interior care

Follow these recommendations to care for the interior of the vehicle. Further interior care advice can be found in the owner’s handbook.

  • Treat vehicle interiors with respect—repairing damage to interiors is expensive and time consuming.
  • Read the owner’s handbook and fully understand all interior controls and functions.
  • If spillages occur, ensure they are cleaned as soon as possible.
  • Do not smoke in the vehicle (this is a Queensland Government policy).
  • Ensure that cargo, chemicals and dangerous goods are secured appropriately in accordance with legislation. These should be carried in the boot or cargo area—not in the seating area.
  • Where possible, do not install any interior fittings to the vehicle that require screw holes in dash panels or the console (e.g. mobile phone holders).

Exterior care

Follow these recommendations to care for the exterior of the vehicle. Further exterior care advice can be found in the owner’s handbook.

  • Exercise care when parking close to gutters and in confined spaces.
  • Regularly check the vehicle tyre pressure. Refer to the owner’s handbook for the recommended pressures in the front, rear and spare tyres.
  • Change tyres with punctures as soon as they occur. Do not drive on deflated tyres.
  • If any damage occurs, report it as soon as possible. Refer to the Emergencies and crashes page for correct crash procedures.
  • Avoid parking vehicles where bird and bat droppings are prevalent. If affected, wash immediately to remove the damaging materials from exterior paint.
  • Keep the vehicle clean externally, especially windows and lights. When washing is required, adhere strictly to any local water restrictions and relevant government policy. If necessary, take the vehicle to a commercial car wash.