General Retention and Disposal Schedule (GRDS)

Date issued: 03 December 2020

Used by: All Queensland public authorities

QDAN: See schedule

Schedule type: General


The GRDS covers records of common activities and functions, transitory, and short term records created as part of routine transactional business practices.

The GRDS Lite is an abridged version of the GRDS covering the same records.

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general-retention-and-disposal-schedule-grds.pdf (PDF File, 1.8 MB)

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general-retention-and-dipsosal-schedule-grds.xlsx (MS Excel Document, 75.1 KB)

general-retention-and-disposal-schedule-lite.pdf (PDF File, 543.6 KB)

general-retention-and-disposal-schedule-lite.docx (MS Word Document, 201.1 KB)

general-retention-and-disposal-schedule-lite.xlsx (MS Excel Document, 33.1 KB)

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