URL design checklist

The following checklist has been included for use as a final quality control measure prior to implementation.
Question Yes/No

Can you easily write the chosen URL on a piece of paper?

Can you remember the URL easily?

Can you spell the chosen URL on the phone?

Have you run a spell checker over the file and directory names?

Have you made sure that there are no spaces and no special characters?

Does the chosen URL give hints about the content of the resource?

Will the URL still make sense if the resource evolves?

Did you choose to locate the URL near the root level of your web server? Are you certain it is the best location?

Can you see any reason that would force you to move this resource in the future – new resources that would fit better at this location, a re-organisation of your server maybe?

If you have used a query string, will the URL still lead to a useful page or will it result in an error?

Could an alias be used to make the URL more marketable or more memorable?