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Inclusion and diversity commitment

We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse workforce that better reflects the community we serve — and because it makes the best business sense. This means creating an inclusive culture that promotes the skills and insights of our people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, generation, sexual orientation or disability.

Strategies and frameworks

The Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2015–2020 outlines how we are building our workforces and workplaces to better reflect the diverse community we live in.

We have whole-of-government strategies and frameworks that enable and support inclusion and diversity within the public sector:

Equality of employment opportunity (EEO) data

The Inclusion and diversity in the Queensland public sector reports provides a whole-of-sector view of agency EEO census data:

More about EEO reporting.


We have legislation that supports employment equity, ethical behaviour, and anti-discrimination which we must follow: