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There have been changes to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010Read about the new unfair contract terms laws.

From 17 December 2018, new requirements for the way payment claims are received and paid commence. These are included in Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017.

This Act applies to ‘construction work’ and the supply of ‘related goods and services’ which include, among other things, architectural, design, surveying or quantity surveying services relating to construction work as well as building, engineering, interior or exterior decoration or landscape advisory services relating to construction work – see section 66.

Chapter 3 sets out the obligations on parties to a contract for construction work or related goods and services in relation to progress payments.

Whilst the current General Goods and Services Terms and Conditions do not include any specific reference to this Act, customers and suppliers will need to ensure that they comply with this Act, where it is applicable to their procurement, including in relation to seeking and making payments.

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Templates for general goods and services

Standard tender and contract templates (for general goods and services) are listed below. (View previous standing offer arrangement templates.)




Going out to market

Invitation to Offer (ITO) template (DOCX, 188KB)

For any type of procurement. Includes simplified ITO conditions

Invitation to Offer (ITO) guidance note (PDF, 238KB)

Help on how to complete the ITO template

Request for Quote (RFQ) template (DOCX, 152KB)

For when an RFQ process is used to engage suppliers

Request for Quote (RFQ) guidance note (DOCX, 135KB)

Help on how to complete the RFQ template

Contracts and conditions

Basic Purchasing Conditions (PDF, 109KB)

Very brief standard terms and conditions that can be used to buy low-value and low-risk goods or services

Learn when to use Basic Purchasing Conditions

General Contract Conditions (PDF, 219KB)

Replaces the Short Form Conditions of Contract. Use with the new Contract Details document

Learn when to use General Contract Conditions

NOTE: Can no longer be used for ICT products and services. Read more about how to create an ICT contract.


Comprehensive Contract Conditions (PDF, 237KB)

Replaces the Conventional Conditions of Contract (AKA the Long Form contract). Similar to the General Contract Conditions, but includes clauses about securities and transition-out services. Use with the Contract Details template

Learn when to use Comprehensive Contract Conditions

Contract Details template (DOCX, 278KB)

When using the General Contract Conditions or Comprehensive Contract Conditions, use this template to capture all information specific to a contract

Contract Details guidance note (PDF, 327KB) (DOCX, 35KB)

Help on how to complete the Contract Details template

Standing offer arrangements

Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) Conditions (PDF, 210KB)

Simplified conditions to be used when establishing an SOA

Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) Details template (DOCX, 136KB)

When using the SOA Conditions, use this template to capture all information specific to the SOA, including contract terms that apply when purchasing from the arrangement

Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) guidance note (PDF, 286KB)

Help on how to complete the SOA details template

Supporting information

Definitions and Interpretation document (PDF, 120KB)

A list of definitions used across the new templates

Clause Bank 

Use with tender and contract documents. Examples of other clauses you may wish to include in contract terms and conditions

Special contract conditions

Deed of novation

Use to novate a contract from one supplier to another

Confidentiality, Privacy and Conflict of Interest Deed (DOCX, 127KB)

Use when the customer requires the supplier’s personnel to sign a Confidentiality, Privacy and Conflict of Interest Deed

Financial security (DOCX, 76KB)

Use when the supplier provides the customer with financial security

Performance guarantee

Use when the supplier provides a performance guarantee

Unfair contract terms laws

Changes to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 now protect small businesses from unfair contract terms.

If a court finds that a term is unfair, the term will not be binding on the parties. Procurement officers should be mindful of the application of the unfair contract terms laws when entering into, renewing or varying contracts with small businesses. Find out how new laws work (PDF, 81 KB).

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