Buy Queensland 2023

Queensland Procurement Strategy 2023 - Jobs, Economy, Legacy, Confidence

Building upon Buy Queensland’s achievements, the QPS outlines four outcome areas delivered through four strategic objectives. Setting the strategic direction of Queensland Government procurement, it harnesses our significant procurement power to deliver:

  • more quality, local jobs
  • a thriving, resilient and decarbonised economy
  • responsible intergenerational value for Queenslanders
  • increased trust in procurement – better procurement data analytics, engagement, training, capability, collaboration, probity and accountability, enhancing confidence in our procurement delivery.

The QPS applies to budget sector agencies, statutory bodies, government-owned corporations and special purpose vehicles.

Queensland Procurement Framework

The QPS is the lead document for the Queensland Procurement Framework (Framework).

In turn, the Framework delivers Buy Queensland 2023, where procurement investment backs genuine, quality Queensland jobs, and drives positive economic, ethical, social and environmental outcomes for all Queenslanders, now and into the future.


  • Queensland Procurement Strategy 2023—Jobs, Economy, Legacy, Confidence


  • Queensland Procurement Policy 2023
  • Guidance, tools and templates
  • Procurement-related policies, targets and commitments


  • Agency procurement procedures, category plans, agency procurement plans, significant procurement plans

Performance and reporting

  • Queensland Procurement Policy Analytics Framework
  • Queensland Procurement Statement

The procurement framework is supported by a governance framework facilitating strategic through to operational input and engagement.

View larger image A graphic flowchart of the Queensland Government procurement governance structure Enlarge image
A flowchart of the Queensland Government procurement governance framework

QPS - outcomes and strategic objectives

OutcomesStrategic objectives
Jobs - Quality local jobsLeverage procurement power to back local suppliers and stimulate jobs growth, skills development and manufacturing.
Economy - Thriving, resilient and decarbonised economyUse procurement to drive sustainable economic growth, encourage innovation and increase supplier diversity.
Legacy - Responsible intergenerational valueDeliver today and invest in tomorrow through responsible public procurement choices.
Confidence - Trust in procurementDeliver excellent outcomes through leading procurement policy and practice.