Manage a contract

The Queensland Procurement Policy 2023 (QPP 2023) stipulates policy requirements related to contract management, to be applied by all government agencies subject to the QPP 2023.

Effective planning for managing a contract is an important part of the procurement sourcing process. Consider contract management issues, such as how supplier performance will be measured, early on.

There are 3 major phases of contract management:

Benefits of good contract management

We need to effectively manage contracts with suppliers to ensure the Queensland Government maximises benefits from procurement. These benefits include:

Value for money

  • Enables the best available outcome for money spent as identified during the procurement or contract management process.
  • Enables benefits through ongoing performance reviews, service improvements, supply chain improvements, and innovation.

Effective risk management

  • Reduces contractual risks through robust contract management practices.
  • Maximises outcomes to end users by managing supplier performance, maintaining quality, improving productivity and identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation.
  • Improving transparency and reducing fraud and corruption risks, driving greater confidence and trust in government procurement.

Manage value and risk

Use the value/risk matrix (XLSX, 114KB) to classify a contract based on value and risk. This is a key step in setting up a contract (phase 1).

Extending and renewing contracts

Before a contract expires, you need to determine which approach will obtain the best value for money: extending and renewing the contract or re-approaching the market under a new procurement process.


Phase 1: Contract set-up

Phase 2: Contract management

Phase 3: Contract close-out

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