Continuing professional development for procurement staff

Continuing professional development (CPD) is very important – even after you successfully complete all your certification training.

It enables you to keep informed on emerging issues and respond effectively to the contemporary demands placed on practitioners.

Your profession demands an ongoing commitment to identify, manage and improve the value achieved when solving a business need, including through leveraging the spending power of government to deliver on various government initiatives.

How CPD can help you

A commitment to lifelong CPD will:

  • deliver on the demand for capable, technically skilled procurement professionals who can work in multi-disciplinary teams to get fit-for-purpose procurement outcomes
  • help to meet increased demands for services and for services to be provided more quickly
  • respond to government drivers to leverage procurement as a tool to achieve social outcomes
  • help to manage the impacts of digital disruption from technology on procurement speed to serve
  • deliver on public demands for increased transparency.

Actively seeking out and participating in CPD offers you opportunities to:

  • remain informed on best practice approaches and emerging trends
  • engage with thought leadership
  • challenge current ways of thinking and working
  • broaden or deepen skills in response to new priorities or expectations
  • network with your peers, share your knowledge and learn from others.

Finding the right opportunities

When considering available opportunities, it is useful to understand best practice learning approaches such as the 70:20:10 Learning Model:

  • 70%: Experience (No Cost) – application of new knowledge on the job practice. Learning occurs through trial and error
  • 20%: Exposure and Environment (No Cost) – those opportunities to practice new skills and receive feedback and coaching. This often occurs at 'point-of-need' (i.e. through others, in the moment)
  • 10%: Education and training (Cost) – introduces new knowledge or new ways of viewing your current knowledge and how it might be applied in the workplace.

Low cost or free options

Find out about upcoming CPD opportunities:

Join a professional association

By joining a professional organisation, you can:

  • maintain current practice
  • access CPD
  • attend networking events
  • access research and thought leadership.

Specialist professional bodies

You may also consider these other Australian bodies:

Procurement graduates

Find out what training and CPD opportunities are available for procurement gradates.

Find out more

Email to find out more about what is happening to support your CPD.