Medical goods and services

This category includes:

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Medical consumables

  • Surgical consumables
  • Wound management
  • Patient care consumables
  • IV access and administration
  • Airway, anaesthetic and resuscitation
  • Waste and infection prevention
  • Diagnostic products

Medical equipment and maintenance

  • Equipment for medical use, dental use, radiology, pathology, forensics

Medical services

  • Medical doctors' services
  • Nursing and midwifery services
  • Allied health services
  • Healthcare centres
  • Medical laboratory services
  • Diagnostic imaging services
  • Retrieval services
  • Dental services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Medical gases
  • Other healthcare services


  • Professional services
  • Facilities management
  • ICT
  • Transport
  • General equipment and supplies
  • Utilities
  • Food


  • General pharmaceuticals (therapeutic groups)
    • General anti-infectives
    • Antineoplastics and immodulating agents
    • Nervous system
    • Blood and blood forming agents
    • Alimentary tract and metabolism
    • Cardiovascular system
    • Systemic hormonal preparation
    • Respiratory system
    • Dermatologicals
    • Genitourinary system
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Sensory organs
    • Anti-parasitic, insecticide, repel
  • Cytotoxic pharmaceuticals
  • IV fluids
  • Haemo and peritoneal dialysis fluids
  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • Vaccines distributions and warehousing


  • Hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty implants and accessories
  • Cardiovascular prostheses and consumables for use in interventional cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology procedures, vascular interventional and neuroradiology procedures, cardiac and vascular surgical procedures
  • Spine, neurosurgical and craniomaxillofacial implants and consumables
  • Ophthalmic surgical implants and consumables
  • Bone graft substitutes, bone cement and cement mixing and delivery consumables
  • Orthopaedic trauma, arthroscopy and small joint arthroplasty implants and accessories
  • Specialist orthopaedic implants and accessories (includes orthopaedic trauma, arthroscopy and small joint arthroplasty)
  • Urogenital and general miscellaneous implants and accessories (includes urogenital and gynaecological implants, gastrointestinal implants and other miscellaneous implants)
  • Ear, nose, throat (ENT) implants, prostheses and accessories
  • Blades, burrs, drills and related consumables for surgical power tools