Social services

Each year the Queensland Government spends more than $30 billion on social and human services—$5.6 billion of this is through third party providers (primarily non-government organisations). This investment enables the delivery of social services to improve the wellbeing of Queenslanders through vital services, including:

  • social or community services that support our most vulnerable groups, such as child protection, domestic violence prevention, and disability and youth services
  • human services, such as support for education and training, employment, sport and recreation, culture and the arts.

Standard contracts

To enable a consistent approach, new standard contracts for social services have been developed.

This will:

  • make it easier for government to do business with non-government organisations
  • give agencies operational flexibility while ensuring suppliers meet consistent legal requirements
  • reduce suppliers' costs by minimising red tape
  • create a dynamic framework, adaptable to changing policy requirements—helping us to better support the community.