Social services

The Queensland Government’s investment in social and human services enables the delivery of  services to improve the wellbeing of Queenslanders, including:

  • social or community services that support our most vulnerable groups, such as child protection, domestic violence prevention, and disability and youth services
  • human services, such as support for education and training, employment, sport and recreation, culture and the arts.

Queensland Government social services are contracted predominantly under service agreements.

The service agreement is used for the majority of service delivery funding and is made up of three parts:

  1. service agreement – standard terms (whole-of-government)
  2. funding and service details, which:
    • align with whole-of-government service agreement – standard terms
    • specify provisions for the funding and contract information
    • include one or more schedules
  3. funding schedules, which:
    • form part of the funding and service details
    • prescribe the funding and services to be delivered and reporting requirements