Disability inclusive workplaces

The Queensland Government is committed to increasing the representation and careers of people living with disability in government. See our Disabling the barriers to employment in the Queensland public sector implementation plan 2023 (PDF, 339.6 KB) .

Use the resources available to create an inclusive workplace where employees who live with disability feel safe, respected and included.

Review your agency’s Working for Queensland survey results. This may provide some insight into barriers and issues your employees living with disability are facing. Use this information to start a conversation with your team about how to create a better, more inclusive work environment.

Complete the Queensland Government’s online Disability Awareness module (60 minutes). Share this module with others in your agency.

Complete the Disability awareness eLearning module (90 minutes).

Connect with Diversity Council Australia for help improving your agency’s diversity and inclusion capacity.

Financial support

People living with disability may require modifications in the workplace to help them perform at their best. The Australian Government provides advice and financial support to assist.

See the Australian Government’s Financial support page for more.


Use our Making communications and campaigns accessible (PDF, 158.6 KB) guide and Accessibility printing checklist (PDF, 143.7 KB) to ensure your agency’s communications are accessible.

For online content, see WebAIM’s colour contrast checker to ensure the colours you use in your web communications are accessible.

See Media Access Australia’s How to caption a YouTube video page for help captioning your YouTube videos.

Use Vision Australia’s alternate format production to create alternative formats (e.g. audio version) for your content.


Use our Online training accessibility checklist (PDF, 148 KB) and Face to face training accessibility checklist (PDF, 147.9 KB) to ensure your agency’s training courses are accessible.