Create an ICT contract

You can find standardised ICT contract templates and guidelines here for creating an ICT contract using the Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) framework.

QITC framework

As stated in the Procurement and disposal of ICT products and services (IS13) policy the QITC framework replaced the GITC framework as the basis for all contracts established to procure ICT products and services for Queensland Government.

To help you decide, read more at About the QITC framework.

Choose the right contract

The QITC framework allows you to choose the contract type that reflects the risk and value of your procurement.

There are 4 different contract types you can use:

  • General contract—recommended for procurements for $1 million or less and which are assessed as low risk.
  • Comprehensive contract—recommended for:
    • procurements assessed as low risk but the cost is more than $1 million
    • procurements assessed as either moderate or high risk regardless of value.
  • Supplier’s terms and conditions— as a general rule, a customer may choose to use supplier terms and conditions if the cost of the ICT products and services will be $100,000 or less and the procurement is assessed as low risk.
  • Bespoke contract—recommended if:
    • the procurement is assessed as very high or extreme risk.

Select the right contract type for your ICT procurement situation. 

Form the contract

Once you have chosen the right contract type, use these templates and guidelines to form your contract.

View all of the QITC documents. You can also view the user guide for more guidance on the contract types and documents to use.

General contract

Summary:  low risk and up to $1 million


Guidance notes:

Guidance notes for the general contract details.

Comprehensive contract

Summary: low risk and over $1 million OR medium-high risk regardless of value


Guidance notes:

Guidance notes for the comprehensive contract details and module order forms.

Supplier’s terms and conditions

Summary: low risk and up to $100,000


Use the guidelines for supplier terms and conditions to help you assess whether the supplier terms and conditions are acceptable for your procurement.

Bespoke Contract

Summary: Very-high risk or Extreme risk

Documents: No guidance documents are available as the circumstances and risks are addressed individually. Please get assistance from your legal specialists. See the user guide for more information.

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