ICT products and services

What is this?

In general, this is how you can buy ICT products and services, such as hardware, software services (including cloud-based technology) and telecommunications.

Process overview​

  1. Consider if concept feasibility testing is required
  2. Consider if early market engagement is required
  3. Consider existing ICT standing offer arrangements
  4. Either:
  5. Proceed to purchase

When does this apply?

This applies when buying ICT products and services.

Directives, policies, and guidelines

You must follow the Procurement and disposal of ICT products and services (IS13) policy when buying ICT products and services.

Generally, this means you must:

  • plan future procurement activities for high-expenditure, or high-risk products
  • ensure effective contracts are in place
  • ensure industry has fair access to procurement processes
  • have appropriate ICT product lifecycle and service management practices in place.

Use the IS13 implementation guideline to understand and apply the policy.

ICT contracting framework

From August 2017, when buying ICT products and services, the Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) framework replaces the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework.

Read more about the QITC framework and view the QITC toolkit.

ICT SME Participation Scheme policy

You must also consider giving fair access to small and medium sized businesses by applying the ICT SME Participation Scheme policy when buying ICT products and services.

When prime contractors are not SMEs but include a SME contribution, use the formulas on the SME Participation Scheme Calculation page. They will receive proportional weighting in evaluation of their offer.