Workplace response to domestic and family violence

The Queensland Government is driving change within the Queensland public sector by delivering a comprehensive workplace response to:

  • prevent domestic and family violence (DFV)
  • support affected employees
  • promote a culture of respect and gender equity.  

The Driving change to support Queensland Government employees affected by DFV workplace report (PDF, 1.35 MB) demonstrates our ongoing commitment to end DFV. It highlights our progress since the release of the DFV workplace package on 25 November 2015.

It is also a resource for local government, business, and non-government organisations, as it promotes how the workplace package can be adopted to suit the needs of their workplace.

The report covers:

  • why DFV is a workplace issue
  • what a comprehensive workplace response looks like
  • how we are making a difference within our workplaces
  • what Queensland workplaces can do
  • the importance of workplace partnerships
  • next steps for how we are going to take workplace support even further.

As Queensland’s largest employer, we are proud to lead by example. DFV has no place in our homes, communities or workplaces.

Download the workplace report. (PDF, 1.35 MB)