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Workplace package for domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence (DFV) can impact a person’s safety, wellbeing, attendance, and performance at work.

As Queensland’s largest employer, we contribute towards ending DFV by:

  • preventing violence
  • supporting affected employees
  • building a culture of respect and gender equity.

We developed a DFV workplace package to strengthen support for affected employees. It also contributes to the workforce-related actions in:

It includes:

We encourage local government, business, and non-government organisations (NGOs) to adopt the package to suit the needs of their workplace.

Everyone has the right to feel safe and supported in the workplace.

Whole-of-government DFV directive

Directive 04/15 – Support for employees affected by domestic and family violence details support options available in our workplace:

The directive provides Queensland Government employees with more favourable entitlements than the minimum safety net entitlements for state and local government employees outlined in the Industrial Relations Act 2016.

Learn more about how to apply the directive.

Model policy template

We encourage workplaces to implement a DFV policy to support employees affected by DFV.

Download the model policy template.

Leadership pledge

We encourage leaders to sign a pledge to show their commitment to ending DFV, and to display in workplaces.

Download the leadership pledge template (DOC, 206 KB).

Recognise, Respond, Refer e-learning program

Employees can increase their understanding of DFV and how to support affected colleagues by completing the online Recognise, Respond, Refer program developed by Australia’s CEO Challenge in partnership with the Queensland Government.

The program offers insight into how to deal with situations related to DFV that may arise in the workplace.

Contact your local human resource team for more information.

Support options and resources



Agencies and workplaces

Communication toolkit

These resources raise awareness of DFV prevention and support options for affected employees:

Workplace partners