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Use the strategic workforce planning framework

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has developed a whole-of-government workforce planning framework to assist departments to develop their strategic workforce plans.

The strategic workforce planning framework assists agencies develop their strategic workforce plans over 4 key stages:


Objective: scan and understand the strategic direction

Consult and engage

  • Identify drivers affecting workforce design and deployment including political, economic and societal factors
  • Confirm high level business process, service delivery or technology changes for the workforce
  • Desired attributes, skills, capabilities and performance expectations of future workforce and likely labour market conditions

Data analysis


Objective: Analyse and interpret current workplace design and workforce profile to identify critical supply and demand issues.

Consult and engage

  • Review of current and future workforce design
  • Key occupations and roles by classification level
  • Workforce segmentation by business unit
  • Service delivery model, systems. and processes
  • Critical capabilities by occupations and roles
  • Current career paths and potential role progression
  • Confirm desired future state with key stakeholders

Data analysis


Objective: Develop and implement workforce strategies and measurement framework.

Consult and engage

  • Summary of critical transition challenges by order of magnitude for roles, locations, and capabilities
  • Design workforce plan elements, next steps and recommendations
  • Engage with key stakeholders to sign-off workforce plan priorities

Data analysis

  • Develop measurement framework to assist with monitoring of transition plan initiatives
  • Undertake additional data gathering to support workforce plan –measure benefits
  • Implement workforce planning dashboard incorporating measures to monitor performance against key result areas


Objective: Regularly monitor the implementation of workforce strategies, and evaluate and report on the success of your strategies and workforce plan.

Consult and engage:

Data analysis:

  • Review results and refine ongoing data capture and reporting requirements
  • Regular reporting of workforce performance