Appoint a person to a role

As the hiring manager, you can use My.Appointment to appoint a successful candidate to a role.

You'll need to register for a My.Appointment account.

  1. Access the My.Appointment log in page.
  2. Select the Not registered yet? Create an account text, under the Email and Password fields.
  3. Complete the Create new account form.
  4. Create a password, security question and answer.
  5. Select Create user.

You'll receive a verification email with instructions to activate your account. Once complete, you can log in to My.Appointment using your Queensland Government email address and nominated password.

To appoint a successful candidate to their role in My.Appointment, you'll need the following information.

Smart Jobs and Careers Job reference number

Position number

Cost centre number

Appointee's name, address, email address and date of birth

Appointee's employee number (if they're a current Queensland Government employee)

Certified copies of the appointee's qualifications (if qualifications are mandatory or if there is an AO2 pay-point level requirement)

Commencement form (for new appointees to the agency that have started); new appointees to the agency that haven't started, get them to complete Start my pay on their first day

Tax File Number Declaration form (for new appointees to the agency)

Log in to My.Appointment and select Initiate an appointment.

  • The Next Section button will save what you've entered in the screens as you move through the form.
  • To return to the previous screen, select the Previous Section button. The information you've entered on the current screen will remain until you come back to it.
  • Mandatory fields appear in blue. You'll receive an error message if these fields are not completed.
  • You may need to reattach documents if you receive an error message on a page. Always check attachments before moving to the next section.

Appointment details

Your department details will pre-populate.

  • The Smart Jobs and Careers Job ad reference is provided in the email confirmation sent during the recruitment process.
  • The Position title field will auto-populate once you've entered in the position number.
  • If you're appointing someone to a new position, select the New position checkbox and enter the position details manually. You'll need to attach the establishment form if you haven't sent this to QSS.
  • Your Cost Centre will pre-populate if you've advertised the role through the Smart Jobs and Careers website.

Appointee details

  • If the appointee is already a Queensland Government employee, please provide their employee number (if known), email address and current role details (on the next page).
  • If mandatory qualifications or AO2 paypoint level justification applies, and you haven't sent the certified copy of the qualifications to QSS, please attach them. If you have more than one qualification, scan them together and attach them as one document, or attach them separately in section 6.10.

Type of appointment

  • The Appoint to classification field will pre-populate based on the position number you've entered. Edit if required.
  • If you're appointing someone to part-time hours, you'll need to enter the part-time hours and full-time equivalent (FTE) percentage. Log into the QSS Self Service Centre and use the Part-time hours calculator.
  • If you submit the My.Appointment form prior to the appointee commencing, you don't need to attach the Commencement and Tax File Declaration forms. If you submit the My. Appointment form after the appointee has commenced, you can either get the appointee to complete Start my pay online, or complete and attach the Commencement and Tax File Declaration forms.

Additional information

This section only displays if you've advertised on Smart Jobs and Careers.

  • Attach any applications you received directly.
  • Tell us if any other appointments are being made from the selection process.
  • Tell us if any applicants withdrew or declined during the selection process.

This ensures we send unsuccessful emails to the appropriate candidates.

Approving officer

If you have been nominated as the approving officer for an appointment, you'll receive an email notification to approve. To approve or cancel the appointment, click on the link in the email or log in to My.Appointment.

  1. Select My approving officer.
  2. Current appointments for your approval will appear in the Active staff appointments section. Select View beside the appointment.
  3. Complete the relevant fields and select Approved or Not Approved. If you select Not Approved, you'll need to add a comment in the Comment field.

If you need something changed on the appointment, please contact the hiring manager. If you select Not Approved, the form will no longer be editable.

We'll send an email notification to the hiring manager and any additional officers (if nominated) once you've approved the appointment.

Additional officer

If you're a supervisor, but don't have the HR delegation to approve an appointment, you'll be nominated as an additional officer. Administration and HR officers who monitor agency appointments may also be nominated as additional officers.

You'll receive an email notification to view the appointment. You can click on the link in the email or access the appointment by logging in to My.Appointment.

  1. Select My Additional Officer.
  2. Select View beside the appointment.

If you don't support the appointment, please contact the approving officer.

You can track the status of appointments you have initiated, reviewed or approved. Log in to My.Appointment and select:

  • My appointments initiated
  • My approving officer
  • My additional officer.

See the My.Appointment tutorial (PDF, 1.5 MB) for a description of the workflow statuses and what actions you can undertake for each status.

Once an appointment is approved and submitted to QSS, we will (within 5 working days):

  • send an appointment letter to the successful candidate
  • forward appointment documentation to our payroll team for processing
  • advise unsuccessful candidates
  • arrange a Queensland Government Gazette notice to confirm the appointment (when applicable).


See the My.Appointment tutorial (PDF, 1.5 MB) for detailed My.Appointment help.


Can I cancel an appointment I've initiated?

Yes—if it has not been approved. Go to My.Appointments initiated in My.Appointment, select the appointment, and select Cancel.

If the appointment has been approved, contact us to cancel it.

Can I complete a My.Appointment if I don't know the job start date?

Yes. The form includes the option for you to enter Date to be confirmed in the Start date field.

Can I transfer an employee within/across levels in My.Appointment?

Yes—in Section 4.1, transfer at level is an appointment type. Use this to move individuals and indicate if a letter is required.

How do I get a copy of my establishment?

QSS usually generates monthly establishment reports for agency managers. Contact your HR team to access these.

How do I know what award or act I am under?

See the awards and acts (XLSX, 145 KB) that apply to your position or a position you are advertising.

How do I notify of higher duties or relieving at level?

If the change is a result of an advertised job, use My.Appointment.

If the change is not the result of an advertised job:

  • If you are on the Aurion payroll system, you can notify of higher duties on that system.
  • If you are not on Aurion, use the Higher duties/relieving at level form.

How do I prepare a Gazette notification for appointed or promoted staff?

The QSS Appointments team will look after this for you. Once you have submitted the appointment information on My.Appointment, and if the appointment meets the requirements of the Recruitment and Selection Directive, we will prepare the Queensland Government Gazette entry. While this is part of our recruitment service, there is a fee for publishing in the Gazette and you will receive an invoice from the Department of Housing and Public Works.

How long does it take for changes to flow through to My.Appointment?

Changes to positions and organisational units may take up to 2 weeks to be displayed in My.Appointment. If you need help submitting an appointment where the information in My.Appointment does not match your current establishment, contact us.

What do I do if My.Appointment does not match my establishment?

If the position number you entered doesn't appear in the list provided in My.Appointment, this may be because the system has not been updated or because an appropriate establishment position change form has not been submitted.

If you have submitted an establishment change form, select 'Position new to establishment' in My.Appointment, provide the date the form was sent, and enter the establishment information manually.

If you do not yet have a position number, enter 'Not created' into the position number field and attach the relevant establishment form.

Read about submitting an establishment position change form

What is a non-payroll employee?

Non-payroll employees are those not being paid from the agency payroll system, for example, agency temps, volunteers, work experience placements and secondments not paid for by the agency.

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