Use drones responsibly

The Queensland Government Drones Use Policy (PDF, 9.3 MB) outlines how to:

  • use drones safely
  • collect data respectfully
  • adhere to privacy and re-use standards
  • manage information appropriately
  • procure drone services.

Its purpose is to help agencies:

  • operate as model drone users with high standards of safety, respect, accountability and innovation
  • use drones in a way that enhances business activities and services
  • build a professional and transparent drone use culture that acknowledges the value of drones as a business tool
  • support the growing application of drone technology in government service delivery.

The Queensland Government Drones Use Policy has been developed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in consultation with Queensland Government agencies, local government, academia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

The policy is a key action from the Queensland Drones Strategy.