Mitigate magnetic fields

Electric and magnetic fields are invisible forces that humans are constantly exposed to. The strength of these forces can vary greatly depending on time and situation.

These forces come from both natural and man-made sources.

In buildings:

  • electric fields exist around any source of an electric voltage
  • magnetic fields are generated wherever an electric current flows through a wire or cable.

The strength of these fields depends on the voltage level and amount of current flowing. It decreases as it gets further away from the conductor.

Research by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency has found no conclusive links  between low level, low frequency electric or magnetic fields and human health issues.

However to help manage potential risks associated with magnetic fields in government office buildings we have created the Guidelines for the management of 50Hz magnetic fields in office buildings (PDF, 610KB).

These guidelines will help departments and agencies develop their own safe and healthy building strategies within government office buildings and also includes testing methodologies for both new buildings and existing buildings when major renovations or refits have been carried out.

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