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Procurement Certification Program

Process overview

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In partnership with Institute of Public Administration (IPAA), New South Wales, we're offering the Procurement Certification Program—a chance for Queensland Government procurement professionals to gain nationally recognised qualifications and certification.

Courses are offered across four levels—from entry-level through to strategic procurement planning and management:

  • Level 1—Procurement Fundamentals (available online)

  • Level 2—Intermediate Procurement

  • Level 3—Diploma of Procurement and Contracting

  • Level 4—Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting.


The program is open to:

  • Queensland Government agencies

  • government-owned corporations, statutory bodies, local councils, universities, and local government agencies.

To check your eligibility, please email skills2procure@hpw.qld.gov.au.


  • Professional certification and qualification scheme—For Levels 1 and 2, you will receive Queensland Government procurement certification; for Levels 3 and 4, you will receive a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Courses offered across four levels—From entry-level through to strategic procurement planning and management, there’s a course for you.
  • Interactive and practical learning activities—Case studies and simulations will give you the tools, techniques and concepts to support your ongoing professional development.
  • Workshop-based assessment—With Levels 3 and 4, you will be able to complete some assessment in-class.
  • Streamlined qualification process—Once you complete Levels 3 and 4, you'll receive your national qualification without having to do anything more.
  • Group discounts—Group discounts are available when 3 or more staff from your agency enrol in a course.
  • Complete courses as a team—Book-out a trainer to deliver a course in-house—wherever you are.

Courses offered

To access more information on course content, duration and costs, select the course you are interested in from the options below.






Level 1—Procurement Fundamentals



Provides an overview of the Queensland Procurement Policy, fundamental procurement concepts and techniques for government buyers.




Level 2—Intermediate Procurement



Builds on fundamental skills covered in Level 1 and introduces the concept of procurement as a strategic, cyclical process


(each for groups of 3+)






Level 3—Diploma of Procurement and Contracting


11-day program over 3 months

Explores procurement planning, market engagement, and supply arrangements to manage complex, large-scale procurement and contracting activities


(each for groups of 3+)

Level 4—Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting


9-day program over 3 months

Explores strategic planning, risk management, contract management, and change leadership


(each for groups of 3+)


In-house training options

You can also hire a facilitator to provide in-house training at your location of choice. (This is a great option for people in the regions!) You can even combine Level 1 and 2 courses in a tailored package. To find out more, contact info@ipaa.nsw.org.au