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People matters

People matters provides current and aspiring team leaders with the practical skills and confidence to effectively manage people, performance and change in the workplace.

It aims to help our leaders increase innovation, productivity and the performance of their team, while improving workplace engagement and diversity.

The program aligns to the Workforce Capability Success Profile for team leaders (manages individuals), and supports public service employees' performance obligations.

It is delivered by the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) in partnership with the Public Service Commission.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the authorising environment and responsibilities of a public service team leader.
  • Develop knowledge and practical skills to meet changing organisational and workforce needs.
  • Develop the skills and confidence to manage people, performance and change.

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Program overview

People matters is offered in 2 modes: an open program with other government employees, and an in-house agency program.

Before program

  • Skills assessment by participants and their supervisors to identify key development areas.

Online self-paced

  • Module 1: leading in the public sector

Facilitated workshops

Days 1 and 2

  • Module 2: leading teams
  • Module 3: communicating effectively
  • Module 4: managing for high performance

Day 3

  • Module 5: leading change
  • Workplace Practice Plan to translate program learnings into positive new behaviours in your workplace.

After program

  • Skills assessment by participants and their supervisors to identify how program learnings are being applied in the workplace.
  • People matters alumni will receive invitations to 2 complimentary leadership masterclasses a year. These events are courtesy of the whole of government corporate membership with AIM.

Optional extension modules

These two extension modules are available as stand-alone 1-day workshops to gain an in-depth understanding of specific management issues:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Inclusion and diversity.

Completing People matters is not a pre-requisite to undertake extension modules. If you have completed the Practical People Management Matters course or People matters, you may also find the modules helpful.


  • 3-day program: $880 per person in a public course (Brisbane area)
  • 1-day extension modules: $330 per person in a public course (Brisbane area)        



Talk to your supervisor if you are interested in attending the program.

Contact your HR team to find out about in-house programs and scholarship opportunities, or contact AIM for open program availability.

HR practitioners

Contact AIM to discuss tailoring People matters to your agency's needs, including delivery location (regional or metropolitan).

Agencies can engage AIM, under a standing offer arrangement (PSC–10–2015), to deliver in-house programs for 20 participants without a tendering process.

PSC owns the intellectual property of People matters, which is delivered under the SOA with AIM. It may not be delivered by any other party.

    Support for participants


    Join the People matters Yammer group to share experiences and challenges during and after the program.


    You can support team members completing the program by making sure they have time to:

    • complete the self-paced online module and other activities
    • attend workshop days
    • seek guidance on internal processes
    • complete the workplace project, and apply the learnings.


    The program includes evaluation processes at various stages throughout the course for participants and supervisors to give feedback.

    You can also send feedback to the PSC at peoplematters@psc.qld.gov.au