From Monday 13 March 2023, you’ll be able to use the new Job evaluation request online form to request a Job Evaluation Management System (JEMS) assessment. This online form will replace the previous Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) PDF form.

Transition to the online form

After the Job evaluation request form goes live on 13 March, the Queensland Shared Services (QSS) JEMS team will continue to accept the JAQ PDF (offline) form and agency-specific JAQ forms until 5pm Thursday 6 April 2023.

From 7 April 2023, QSS will no longer accept any JAQ PDF forms sent via email to the email address, including agency-specific JAQ forms.

Any emails received after 7 April will receive a reply with instructions to submit a Job evaluation request form using the Self Service Centre.

Accessing the form for the first time

Most employees can log in to the QSS Self Service Centre using single sign-on (SSO). If your agency doesn’t use SSO, log in with your username (government email address) and password. If you don’t know your password, select Forgot password and follow the prompts.

If you’ve never used the Self Service Centre before, click on the Register button.

What you can expect from the new form

In addition to standard QSS online form features like supporting help text and automated spell check, the Job evaluation request will include enhancements to help streamline and reduce errors in the JEMS assessment process.

Save and print on demand

  • You’ll be able to save your progress as you complete the form online at any time, ensuring no information is lost.
  • You can print the form once it has been submitted or when you open the form within My Requests by selecting the print option from the RITM record Actions drop-down menu in the top right corner of your screen.

Easier approvals and progress updates

  • You’ll be able to track the progress of your form, or requests submitted on your behalf in My Requests, and you’ll also receive emails as it progresses through each stage to approval.
  • You can submit the form on behalf of another employee or register them for a QSS account and add them to the form immediately, including as an approver (if they have a Queensland Government email address).
  • You can add the email addresses of any other people you want to be able to view the form in addition to the approver. This allows agencies with internal policies that require their Human Resources team be notified of JEMs requests to have visibility on submissions and their progress.
  • The form will expire (be cancelled by the system) if it is not actioned by the approver within 10 working days of being submitted. The initiator will also receive an email 5 days before the form expires so they can follow up if needed.

Submit multiple evaluations

  • If you’re completing multiple evaluations that need to be assessed in conjunction with each other, the form will ask you this question and you can provide details of the other positions to be evaluated.


Contact the QSS Customer Support team on 1300 146 370 if you need help accessing the QSS Self Service Centre or email if you have a question about the Job evaluation request form.

Visit Establish or review a role’s classification level (JEMS) on ForGovernment for guidance on the JEMS assessment process. We'll update this page on 13 March 2023 to align with the release of the new online form.

Why are we doing this?

We want to make it easier for you to complete requests with us. Online forms:

  • provide a standardised experience for all agencies—no more PDF compatibility issues
  • save you time—no downloading, printing, signing and scanning
  • give you peace of mind— as soon as it’s approved, it’s with the correct QSS team for processing
  • make it easy—only ask for the information we need to complete the request
  • can be accessed consistently—not restricted by mobile device and web browser compatibility
  • are future proof—don’t rely on third-party software for creating and editing
  • help the environment—saving paper and ink.