Leadership for organisation development

Have you considered how your leadership style can drive organisational development?

Robin Ryde—author, consultant and director of ANZSOG's Executive Fellows Program—has some great ideas on how you can make this happen.

Presenting to Queensland public sector program leaders and executives, Robin shared three main observations on ways we can all reshape our current thinking on leadership to really drive organisational change, while aligning with the Leadership competencies for Queensland.

Robin noted that good leaders must be able to focus on the craft of leading people — the 'how' — as well as the 'content', that is the direction that they are leading people to.

"We need to know how leadership is done… and we need to focus on where on earth we're taking people.”

In the language of leadership competencies, Robin is saying that a high performing leader will possess the leadership quality of inspiring others with a vision of direction, as well as having the ability to get them there.

His second observation was that focus needs to shift away from the leader as a singular person, and move towards a focus of leadership as a system of influence. This includes understanding the impact of external factors, such as organisational culture, motivation, and available resources.

“We want to, by all means, focus on the person [in the leadership position] … but actually… the system is the thing that moves things forward”

A good leader will demonstrate the competency of leading strategically, by being able to think critically and act on the broader purpose of the system around them.

His final observation suggested shifting leadership focus from the methods and challenges that we've already analysed (déjà vu) to those that we haven't thought about yet (vu jàdé).

“We need to move from this idea of things we've already seen to things we're not seeing, but need to.”

This means that good leaders must possess the competency of developing and mobilising talent, utilising the skills and knowledge of their team when identifying and adapting to new challenges.

Robin is just one of the many speakers that we have presenting in our masterclasses for Queensland public sector employees—delivered by the Public Service Commission with support from the Chief Executive Leadership Board. To be in the loop, register for PSC updates and get notified about future leadership development events.