You’ll soon find it easier to contact Queensland Shared Services (QSS) online. We’re replacing the Ask a question or report a problem form with a simpler, easier to use Contact us form. You can find this new form on the QSS Self Service Centre home page by clicking the Contact tile.

When's this happening?

The change will be live Friday 28 July 2023.

Why are we doing this?

We recently completed a research piece into why our customers prefer emailing us. One of the key problems identified is,  it’s confusing to contact QSS via the QSS Self Service Centre.

The Ask a question or report a problem form asks too many questions and does not instil confidence in the person submitting the form that it’s going to the team best positioned to help. The options available don’t often match the enquiries customers have.

The new Contact us form asks less questions and has clearer selections, making it quicker to submit and providing greater certainty for the submitter.

Why contact us online?

Contacting us online through the Self Service Centre makes your enquiry:

  • more secure
  • better tracked
  • easier to action.

What’s next?

We’ll be continuing to work with you to make it easier to contact us online and reduce the need for you to email us wherever possible

We’ll next focus on updating the Submit a HR and Submit a Finance forms. We’re going to combine these forms into one, simpler, easier to use Submit a request form. You’ll be able to use this form whenever a service-specific form does not exist.