The Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group is pleased to announce the Closed Data portal (pilot) is now available to all Queensland Government agencies.

This new portal is secure and accessible only by Queensland Government employees.

What is closed data?

Closed Data refers to any data collected and stored by Queensland Government agencies that isn’t suitable for public release but that may be of value to share within or between government departments. By cataloguing metadata, agency data can be more easily found and identified for potential application in other contexts.

What is a data catalogue?

Data catalogues play a key role in an organisation's understanding of their data holdings, and how they can be made available to help enhance service delivery, assess performance and improve decision making. As more data is added by a variety of agencies, the Closed data portal will provide a secure metadata catalogue of Queensland Government data assets.

Who is it for?

The Closed Data Portal (pilot) is available to all Queensland Government employees. It will be most valuable to data custodians, data owners, managers, analysts and anyone conducting research.

As part of the portal’s pilot phase, all agencies are encouraged to request access and begin cataloguing their data holdings.

What are the key benefits  of the portal for my agency?

The Closed data portal provides a secure, easy-to-use publishing interface that enables the discoverability, usability and regular sharing of previously inaccessible metadata.

The portal will provide a range of benefits to agencies, including:

  • a centralised data asset catalogue that can be leveraged by agencies without the internal costs of an individual data catalogue
  • complete control over the collection, storage and governance of their data whilst making the metadata available for viewing and secure access requests
  • enhance capability of agencies to manage data lifecycle
  • reduce duplication of data collection and management
  • improved visibility and discovery of metadata from participating agencies in a single location.

How can my agency request access to begin using the portal?

Visit the Closed data portal on ForGovernment (government log-in required) to request access to the portal and learn more about the publishing process. Alternatively, you can email the Data Strategy and Open Data team at for more information.