5th Dec 2023 - 5th Dec 2023


12:30 pm - 01:30 pm


Human rights protect the dignity and worth of all human beings, especially the most vulnerable.

As public sector employees, we have a key role to play in respecting, protecting and promoting human rights in Queensland. The Human Rights Act 2019 requires us to think about the way our decisions may affect human rights — from early stages of policy development to day-to-day decisions that impact the community.

Want to learn more about human rights and your obligations under the Human Rights Act as a public sector employee?

In the lead up to Human Rights Day 2023, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General's Human Rights Unit is delivering a 101 introduction to the Human Rights Act. This one-hour webinar is designed for public sector employees who are new to working with the Act or need a refresher on the basics. The webinar will address key questions, including:

  • Why do we have a Human Rights Act in Queensland?
  • What are the obligations of public sector employees under the Human Rights Act?
  • How do we assess whether something is 'compatible with human rights'?

You can access more resources to support you in applying human rights to your work on the Queensland Government Human Rights Portal.

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