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When a vehicle is refuelled with the wrong type of fuel, expensive engine damage may occur, particularly if the engine is started and the vehicle is driven. If significant engine damage occurs the fuel system will require comprehensive cleaning and overhaul. This will normally be recharged back to the agency.

You should familiarise yourself with your vehicle's fuel type and refuelling procedures before driving the vehicle. Information about the correct fuel type can be found in the owner's handbook, on the fuel tank cap or on the decals on the inside of the fuel cap cover.

What to do if you misfuel your vehicle

To minimise repairs costs we recommend the following:

  1. Do not start the vehicle.
  2. Call for assistance from the vehicle's roadside assistance provider.

The roadside assistance provider will normally arrange for the vehicle to be recovered to the nearest authorised dealership for inspection and repair.

In the event that a vehicle is misfuelled and driven, its engine performance will suffer and engine noise will usually become more noticeable. In these circumstances we recommend the following:

  1. Stop and park the vehicle in the nearest safe location.
  2. Call for assistance from the vehicle's roadside assistance provider.

Continuing to operate a vehicle with the incorrect fuel will increase engine damage and increase the repair costs. By following these instructions you can avoid costly repair bills and prolonged periods without your vehicle.

For more information about misfuelling and repair procedures, contact QFleet Maintenance Controllers on 1800 061 819.


Also known as diesel exhaust fluid, AdBlue is used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. It is stored in a separate tank and automatically injected into the exhaust system when the engine is running.

A limited number of QFleet vehicles use AdBlue.

The AdBlue filler cap is usually located next to the fuel filler cap and coloured blue.

AdBlue should only be put into the AdBlue filler and under no circumstances be added to the fuel tank.

To check your fleet vehicle’s compatibility with AdBlue:

  • look for the AdBlue cap next to the vehicles fuel cap
  • refer to the vehicle owner’s manual, located in the glove compartment
  • contact QFleet 07 3008 2633.