You should familiarise yourself with your vehicle's fuel type and refuelling procedures before driving. Information about the correct fuel type can be found in the owner's handbook, on the fuel tank cap or on the decals on the inside of the fuel cap cover.

When a vehicle is refuelled with the wrong type of fuel, expensive engine damage may occur, particularly if the engine is started and the vehicle is driven, even a short distance away from the bowser. If engine damage occurs, the fuel system will require comprehensive cleaning and overhaul.

Non-mechanical related RACQ callouts, including misfuelling, are not covered by QFleet. The costs will be charged to your agency.

What to do if you misfuel your vehicle

If the vehicle is refuelled at the petrol pump with the wrong type of fuel:

  1. Do not start the vehicle.
  2. Call RACQ on 1800 648 058 (designated number for QFleet).

The roadside assistance provider will normally arrange for the vehicle to be recovered to the nearest authorised dealership for inspection and repair.

If the vehicle is misfuelled and driven:

  1. Stop and park the vehicle in the nearest location.
  2. Call RACQ on 1800 648 058.

If a vehicle is misfuelled and driven, its engine performance will suffer and engine noise will usually become more noticeable.

Continuing to operate a vehicle with the incorrect fuel will increase engine damage and increase the repair costs.

Misfuelling with AdBlue

In the event of AdBlue being accidently added to the fuel tank, please follow the misfuelling steps.

For more information about misfuelling and repair procedures, call QFleet’s maintenance controllers on 1800 061 819.