Information governance policy

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Final v3.0.3
June 2017–current
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This Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) policy states the Queensland Governments approach to information governance.

Policy statement

The Queensland Government values information as a core strategic asset and will govern and manage it accordingly throughout its lifecycle.

Policy benefits

The Queensland Government as a whole, and individual departments can expect the following benefits:

  • a clear governance, authorising and accountability environment for information
  • improved ability to meet department and whole-of-government business direction and compliance requirements and to respond to future drivers through more mature information management practices that ensure that the right information is available, to the right person, at the right time
  • policy consistencies in the handling and management of information which will enable opportunities for cross-leveraging of information capabilities across Queensland Government
  • positioning government as a trusted custodian of information.


This policy applies to all Queensland Government departments (as defined by the Public Sector Act 2022). Accountable officers (not already in scope of the Public Sector Act 2022) and statutory bodies under the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019 must have regard to this policy in the context of internal controls, financial information management systems and risk management. Please see the Applicability of the QGEA for further information.

Policy requirements

Policy requirement 1: Departments must implement formal information governance

In recognition of the value of information, departments and Queensland Government ICT service providers must establish and maintain a proactive information governance function. As part of the implementation of this governance function, departments and Queensland Government ICT service providers must report their planned information management initiatives (see Reporting requirements section of this document).


General implementation advice

Implementation advice for this policy is available within the Implementing information governance guideline. Further information on the reporting requirements for this policy is available in the Reporting requirements section below.

Information management initiatives (Information management work plan)

For further details, see the Reporting requirements outlined below.

For guidance on developing information management initiatives and using the Work plan template see the Information management work plan guideline and the Work plan template.

ICT governance

Policy requirements and implementation advice addressing the related concept of ICT governance is available within the ICT resources strategic planning policy (IS2).

Issue and review

Issue date: 2 June 2017
Next review date: June 2019

This QGEA policy is published within the QGEA which is administered by the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group. It was developed by the Queensland Government Chief Information Office and approved by the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer.


This policy comes into effect from the issue date.

Reporting requirements

This policy has specific reporting requirements outlined below.

Reporting requirementDue date

Provide the departments/Queensland Government ICT service providers draft or endorsed information management initiatives.

For further information please see the QGEA ICT profiling standard (government employees only) and the Work plan template.

Supporting guidance is available in the Information management work plan guideline.

31 July every year

* Due dates may change depending on government commitments and priorities at the time. Changes will be communicated to chief information officers and via the QGEA website.