Domain names policy

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Final v3.0.0
July 2020–current
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Final | July 2020 | v3.0.0 | PUBLIC | QGCDG


This Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) policy outlines the requirements for Queensland Government departments in the registration and management of domain names for agency internet resources.

Policy statement

To manage its online presence, Queensland Government departments and agencies will manage domain names in line with the requirements of this policy and the associated standard.

Policy benefits

A consistent whole-of-government approach to domain naming conventions and effective domain name management will:

  • enhance government communication and facilitate navigation of government websites
  • promote the authenticity and authority of government websites and will improve the accessibility of government information and services.


It applies to all Queensland Government departments and agencies. This policy must also operate under policies that apply to relevant higher level domains (i.e.,, etc.).

Statutory authorities and local government entities are eligible to register a domain name if they desire but are not required to do so. If they do wish to register a government domain, they are required to adhere to this policy.


Email addressing is outside the scope of this policy.

Website content management is outside the scope of this policy refer to the Digital services policy.

Policy requirements

Policy requirement 1: Departments must register domain names

Registration of internet domain names by Queensland Government bodies will be in accordance with the Domain name registration and management standard.

Issue and review

Version: v3.0.0
Issue date: 28 July 2020
Next review date: July 2022

This policy is published within the QGEA and is administered by the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group (QGCDG). It was developed by the QGCDG and approved by the Queensland Government Chief Customer and Digital Officer.


This policy comes into effect from the issue date. The policy requirements are supported by the Domain name registration and management standard.

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