Publish in the Gazette

Certain government appointments, tenders, changes of land ownership and other actions must be published as Gazette notices.

The combined Gazette is published online every Friday.

In addition to the General Gazette, specific types of notices are published in the:

  • Resources Gazette
  • Transport and Main Roads Gazette
  • Local Government Gazette.

Send us your approved content and we'll do the rest to publish your notice in the Gazette online.

  1. Get your Gazette content approved by your relevant delegate.
  2. Email approved content (preferably in Word, Excel or PDF formats) to by the relevant deadline (see 'Help' below). Please include all contact details.
  3. We will then provide you with a proof and a quote for your approval of payment.
  4. Follow the email link to log on to the online payment system, provide the reference number and pay the fee. Doing so is deemed acceptance of the proof and approval to publish.
  5. A copy of the Gazette will be emailed to you on the Friday morning and published online.