Create a job advertisement

See Do I need to advertise a job vacancy. Confirm that advertising a role is right for you and your vacancy.

If you expect your role will attract many candidates, or you’re recruiting multiple candidates, you may want to consider a recruitment agency.

They can help with advertising and managing the application process. They can provide additional services such as psychometric testing as part of the selection process

See the Queensland Government's standing offer arrangement for office-based staff (government network access required) to find out about employing permanent and temporary staff through recruitment agencies.

Speak to your HR team to see if a recruitment agency is right for your situation.

If your agency uses Queensland Shared Services to advertise your vacancies, see Advertise a role (for advertising your role internally or externally) or Create an Expression of interest (for promoting your role internally via your intranet or email).

They’ll help you write your expression of interest and provide a unique link for you to promote it or write and publish your job advertisement (as requested) to:

The Recruitment and selection directive sets out the information you must include in your job ad. Your agency decides whether you need to include this in the job ad itself or in an attachment such as the role description.

Short description

Your job must have a short description. Sell the role to your potential candidates. Use short, sharp sentences, or provide a couple of dot points. Highlight the key features of the role. How well you do this will determine whether potential candidates view your job ad.

Job ad

Your job ad should build on the information you provide in the short description. Provide more detail about the purpose and functions of the role and work unit. Tell your potential candidates what they'll be doing, and the skills needed. Make it conversational in tone. Do not provide an extensive list of key tasks.

For experience and qualifications, make sure you’re realistic and inclusive. Don’t ask for extensive experience for a mid-level role. Don’t ask for experience that limits your potential candidates to government employees.

See How to write a job ad (PDF, 590.6 KB) for more and speak to your HR team to find out how to get your job ad approved.

Job ad examples

If your agency does not use Queensland Shared Services, see your intranet or speak to your HR team for help. Consider using a mix of traditional and non-traditional advertising avenues to ensure diversity and reduce the risk of bias. Options include: