Use MyCareer to manage employee training

Manage, track and deliver training using MyCareer, Queensland Shared Services' (QSS's) learning management system.

A complete learning management solution

Manage and record all employee learning and development, including mandatory training, external courses, face-to-face learning, eLearning and web-based learning in one system. MyCareer automates course enrolment and approval processes and sends employees and managers reminders for outstanding training.

Who can use this service?

QSS customers.

How much will it cost?

QSS offers MyCareer on a fee-for-service cost per user basis. This includes system implementation and support, ongoing system administration, and online learning products.

What's included?

QSS will tailor the modules included in MyCareer to your requirements. We can provide customised versions of existing online training modules or you can use our learning development and design services to create a unique package for your agency.

For help, see Help using MyCareer or contact us.

Frequently asked questions

How are employee details maintained?

MyCareer is fully integrated with Aurion for data integrity and reporting consistency.

How do employees access learning?

Employees can access courses and learning records from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Do employees need training to use MyCareer?

No. MyCareer is an intuitive and simple system. For help, managers and employees can see Help using MyCareer, or Submit a request for support through the QSS Self Service Centre.