Advertise an expression of interest

Use Springboard to manage an internal expression of interest (EOI) to promote via your agency's EOI platform (i.e. intranet and email lists).

You'll get a unique link to a private expression of interest advertisement.

Candidates will be able to apply online, and we'll collect and store your applications in Springboard.

Your panel members will be able to complete shortlisting and feedback online, and your panel chair will be able to create a selection report online and utilise the workflow within Springboard to get it endorsed and approved.

This service is available to all agencies. Contact us, if your agency is interested.

The vacancy must be for less than 12 months.

To advertise an EOI for a new or existing role you'll need to complete the Request to hire form. This form can't be saved and will time out after 2 hours. Use this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to complete the form before you start.

You can print the checklist using the Print icon above.


I've checked my latest establishment report or asked my HR team to confirm:

  • the role exists
  • its title and classification
  • the position number
  • the role is/will be temporarily vacant
  • the vacancy is for less than 12 months
  • location in the organisation structure
  • hours and location of work.

I know why the vacancy exists.

I know the role type: flexible, flexible full-time, flexible part-time, full-time, part-time, non-standard hours.

I've checked the role description (if applicable):

  • is complete and on my agency's current template
  • allows me to copy and paste from it.

I know what my agency's existing EOI platform is—for example intranet or email distribution list.

I know the cost centre for this vacancy.

I know if the role is targeted to my entire agency or a specific group in my agency.

I know the contact details of the:

  • chair of the selection panel
  • contact person for candidates
  • person who will approve advertising the role.

I've decided if I'm using a questionnaire to help shortlist candidates - you must attach it to the Request to hire form.

I've completed the Media options form - you must attach it to the Request to hire form.

After completing the Request to hire (RTH) form:

  • QSS Recruitment will process your RTH within 3 business days.
  • QSS Recruitment will send the panel chair and hiring manager a private link for candidates to access the EOI advertisement. The vacancy will not appear on Smart jobs and careers and GovNet.
  • The panel chair will use this private link to advertise the vacancy via their agency's EOI platform.
  • QSS Recruitment will send a unique Springboard access link to the panel chair to manage the vacancy.
  • Candidates will submit their application via the private link (as per the current Smart jobs and careers application process). Applications will be stored against the vacancy in Springboard.
  • The panel chair will manage the recruitment process via the Springboard access link, utilising existing functionality in Springboard (i.e. the Request Feedback and Selection Report template functions).
  • The panel chair will complete a Higher duties or relieving at level form (if they fill the role internally and for a defined period) or a My.Appointment form (if they fill the role permanently, as a temporary appointment, or secondment).

Complete the Close a recruitment vacancy form when you fill the vacancy. This notifies QSS Recruitment to close the vacancy in Springboard and send an email notification to unsuccessful candidates (if requested).

If you don't fill the role, still complete the Close a recruitment vacancy form to notify QSS Recruitment to close the vacancy in Springboard.

Contact us


See the Request to hire manual (PDF, 1.4 MB) for detailed help with the form.

Read the Recruitment and selection directive.


How do I get a copy of my establishment?

Contact your HR team to access your establishment information.

How do I prepare a role description?

  1. Use your agency's current role description template. Contact your HR team or see your intranet to check you have the correct one.
  2. If the role has changed, ensure this is reflected in the role description. If the role has changed substantially, you may need to have its classification level assessed.
  3. Ensure that the position number, title and classification level are consistent with your area's establishment.
  4. Ensure the file is in MS Word format, free of tracked changes and comments and is not password-protected.
  5. Check for spelling, grammar or formatting errors. Ensure the document projects a professional image of your agency and will attract the strongest field of applicants.

Find out more about developing a role description.

What do I do if the position number doesn't appear in the Request to hire form?

If the position number you entered doesn't appear in the Request to hire form, you may need to tell us to change a position's details.

Changes to positions and organisational units may take up to 2 weeks to reflect in the Request to hire form.

Where can I find profit centres and company codes?

Contact your finance area for a list of cost centres, and the profit centre and company code associated with each.

Do next

Conduct pre-employment checks