Best practice thought leadership, research and benchmarking in procurement

These bodies offer thought leadership in the procurement and contract management discipline:

Procurement Leadership Council (Gartner)

This membership offers access to:

  • research for procurement roles
  • best practice guides and decision support
  • peer benchmarks and case studies
  • tools and templates
  • key diagnostics
  • expert inquiry
  • webinars and online learning
  • live and virtual stream events.

These agencies have an enterprise membership to Gartner:

  • Housing and Public Works
  • Queensland Health
  • Transport and Main Roads
  • Education.

If you're in one of those agencies, you can access these resources through the Gartner websites and creating an account using your work email address.

Once you have created your account, you can:

  • set up alerts for topics of interest
  • explore the resources available
  • download content of interest.

International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM)

Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA) has a current membership with IACCM. Their staff have access to:

  • contract and commercial management training
  • benchmarking
  • research
  • networking.

If your agency is not a member

If your agency does not have membership to a thought leader body and you need to access best practice research, email for assistance.

Want more information?

Email for any questions about procurement and contract management learning and development.

The Office of the Chief-Advisor Procurement has access to a range of research, tools, guides, and papers across many aspects of procurement and contract management lifecycle.