Best practice thought leadership, research and benchmarking in procurement

These bodies offer thought leadership in (including best practice research and benchmarking) the procurement and contract management discipline:

  • Gartner corporate membership is affordable for larger agencies and delivers enterprise access to a comprehensive range of services, including research and functional maturity benchmarking.
  • World Commerce and Contracting (formerly International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) – Corporate membership is affordable and pricing is scaled to the desired number of users. Membership provides access to online learning and research.
  • International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) - Corporate membership is affordable (through Comprara) and delivers enterprise access to a comprehensive range of services including an extensive suite of eLearning
  • Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) - Individual membership is affordable and delivers access to a comprehensive range of services and subsidised access to events.

Procurement Leadership Council (Gartner)

This membership offers access to:

  • research and insight
  • best practice guidance
  • advisory support
  • peer benchmarks and case studies
  • tools and templates
  • decision and diagnostic tools
  • expert inquiry
  • executive networking
  • learning events - delivered livestream
  • functional maturity benchmarking.

These agencies have an enterprise membership to Gartner:

  • Energy and Public Works
  • Transport and Main Roads
  • Education.

If you're part of a member agency, you can access these resources by accessing the Gartner website and creating an account using your government email address.

Once you have created your account, you can:

  • set up alerts for topics of interest
  • explore the resources available
  • download content of interest.

If your agency is not a member

If your agency does not have membership to a thought leader body and you need to access best practice research, email for assistance.

Want more information?

Queensland Government Procurement has access to a range of research, tools, guides, and papers across many aspects of procurement and contract management lifecycle.

Email for any questions about procurement and contract management learning and development.