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The Ethical Supplier Mandate (the Mandate) and Ethical Supplier Threshold (the Threshold) ensure that businesses supplying to Queensland Government are ethical in their business practices. Non-compliant suppliers will be removed from our supply chain.

Read more about how the Mandate and the Threshold affect the supplying processes:

Before engaging a supplier

Unless you are using a prequalified supplier, you must check whether the supplier has been suspended. When buying for the Queensland Government, you must not engage suppliers who are suspended under the Mandate or do not meet the Threshold.

A 'prequalified supplier' is a supplier who is registered with:

  • the Prequalification System of the Capital Works Management Framework
  • the National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts
  • arrangements administered by General Goods and Services, Department of Housing and Public Works
  • the QBuild Register.

Procurement Compliance Portal

To enable you to complete this check, we have developed the Procurement Compliance Portal. This Portal provides enhanced functionality to government buyers, such as registration, bulk supplier searches and search history retention.

Log into the Portal

Existing user

New user (request access)

Request access to the Portal

To request access:

  1. go to the Portal’s Request Access page
  2. type in your details and click ‘Submit’. You will receive a confirmation message.

The Strategy and Coordination Unit will review your request. If we need more information or are unable to approve your request, we will advise you by email.

Note: Currently we create only single accounts. We are considering bulk access accounts for the next round of enhancements.

Set up a password

Once we create your account, the Portal will send you an email with your username and a link to set up your password.

This link expires after 15 minutes. To request a new password link:

  1. go to the Portal login page
  2. click ‘Forgot password’
  3. type in your email and click ‘Submit’ to receive a new password link via email.

Your password for the Portal needs a minimum of 14 characters and a minimum of any 3 character types (e.g. lowercase, uppercase, numbers or symbols).

Deactivate your access

If you no longer require access to the tool, your account will be deactivated. Contact the Strategy and Coordination Unit at with your request.

About the Portal

The Portal was made available in 2019 when the Mandate and Threshold policies were first implemented. Since then, we have significantly enhanced the Portal following user feedback, particularly as users have shifted to remote working.

To expand to more users, and provide more functionality and security, the Portal is now accessible via a user login and password.

You can now:

  • create accounts using a login and password, which enables remote access without a departmental or work device
  • perform bulk searches of up to 30 ABN or ACNs per search
  • view your search history, which is retained in your buyer profile.

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