Complete a supplier check

An Ethical Supplier Mandate and Threshold have been introduced to ensure businesses supplying to Queensland Government are ethical in their business practices. Non-compliant suppliers will be removed from our supply chain.

Read more about how the Ethical Supplier Mandate and Threshold affect the supplying processes:

Before engaging a supplier

Unless you are using a prequalified supplier, you must check if the supplier has been suspended. You must not engage suppliers suspended under the Mandate, or not meeting the Threshold, when buying for the Queensland Government.

A prequalified supplier means a supplier registered with:

  • The Prequalification System of the Capital Works Management Framework
  • The National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts
  • Arrangements administered by General Goods and Services, Department of Housing and Public Works
  • QBuild Register

Check the register

For remote-access users

If you are accessing a departmental device using remote access portal CITRIX, your access to this tool should be unaffected.

Please note if you are using a personal device using remote access portal CITRIX, you will be unable to access this tool as your device and network will not be recognised. Please contact for a manual check to be completed on these occasions. We appreciate your patience during this time and will respond as quickly as possible.

The register

The register includes companies and sole traders or partnerships.

To check the register, enter the supplier's Australian Company Number (ACN) or their Australian Business Number (ABN). You can enter the number with or without spaces.

Keep a record of this supplier check

After checking the register, you must keep a record of the supplier's status. Print the page or save as a PDF.

Buyers must be able to provide evidence they have checked the supplier's status.

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