Plan a high risk or significant (HRS) building project

You need to be able to demonstrate that you've used recognised, best practice risk management strategies to identify, monitor and manage HRS building projects.

HRS building projects are those where at least one of the below applies:

  • Failure to meet project objectives of time, cost and quality would critically affect the delivery of services to the community.
  • The lack of clear and transparent processes in procuring high value projects may impact industry development and consistency of approach for the Queensland Government.

Assess risk using the Prequalification (PQC) System

You can use the Prequalification (PQC) System to assess risk and identify HRS ratings for:

  • building projects worth $1 million or more
  • building specialist or consultant contracts worth $60,000 or more.

PQC login or registration

Identify HRS building projects

1. Check your agency's criteria

Start by checking if your agency has HRS criteria in addition to whole-of-government requirements below.

Ask your agency contact for the criteria or advice on the approved approach.

2: Use whole-of-government criteria

You are required to use the criteria below to assess whether your building project is HRS.

You may choose to develop additional criteria specific to your project.

Talk to your agency contact or email if you are unsure how to do this.

Minimum HRS building project criteria

A project with any one of the following elements is an HRS project, and will have a minimum service risk rating of PQC level 3.

Project cost and procurement system:

  • Projects expected to exceed $20m in value delivered using a traditional procurement system (the department sponsoring the project has full responsibility for the design and documentation process, and the contractor constructs for a lump sum amount).
  • Projects expected to exceed $10m in value delivered using a non-traditional procurement system (the contractor has varying degrees of responsibility for the design and documentation process).

Combination of standard contracts:

  • Projects delivered using a combination of standard contracts and where the separate components are expected to exceed $10m in value (for example, a building structure delivered using a traditional procurement system and building fitout delivered using a separate non-traditional procurement system).

Bundled projects:

  • Projects that involve tendering a 'bundle' of smaller projects across several different sites, where the total value of the projects exceeds $10m.

Prequalification (PQC) service risk rating:

  • Projects with an assessed PQC service risk rating of 3 or 4.

Other criteria:

  • Projects with other potential risk elements not defined above.

Register HRS projects

All HRS projects must be added to the PQC.


For advice on HRS building projects and how to assess them, contact:

Principal Policy Manager
Building Policy and Practice
Phone: 1800 072 621