Employee pay and benefits

The Queensland Government guarantees employee pay and benefits though a set of employment standards contained in the Industrial Relations Act 2016. We provide most government employees further guarantees with a modern award and certified agreement.

Your modern award and certified agreement supports and provides conditions and entitlements as favourable or better that than what’s provided for by the employment standards.

The Queensland employment standards guarantees minimum entitlements and rights concerning:

  • wages
  • working hours
  • flexible work
  • leave and leave loading
  • public holiday working requirements
  • notice of termination and redundancy
  • employer obligations to   provide information statements
  • notification of relevant industrial   instruments to employees.

Queensland employment standards apply to all Queensland government employees.

The Queensland Government is providing employees covered by the State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2019 and related agreements, 4 scheduled 2.5% pay increases between 1 September 2020 and 1 September 2022.

For 2020–22 employee salary schedules see:

If you’re not covered by these agreements, see your intranet or speak to your HR team for your salary schedule information.

For past salary schedule information, see: