Consider a request for flexible working

Queensland Government employees can request flexible work arrangements under the Industrial Relations Act 2016. This is not an automatic right to the arrangement requested. The request must be made in writing and detail the change and reasons for the change, including commencement date.

Agencies have 21 days from the receipt of the request to respond. The response must be in writing and include reasons if refused. If an agency fails to respond within the timeframe it is considered a refusal and as such the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission has jurisdiction to hear and decide a dispute over the request. All employees have the right to appeal a request that was denied.

Download the Flexible work agreement template (DOCX, 124 KB) to help you with your written request.

Contact your Human Resources team for more information about the Act and it applies to flexible working.

Request for flexible work

Flexible work arrangements can be agreed or established through:

  • general approval: such as flexible start times through discussion between an employee and supervisor
  • ad hoc arrangements: such as short-term telecommuting through discussion or email between an employee and supervisor
  • documentation: for ongoing or long-term job sharing—this is particularly important where salary is affected—through a flexible work agreement (DOCX, 124 KB).

Flexibility can take many forms and be for many reasons—don’t discriminate.

Managers should:

  • come from the position of ‘how can we make this work?’
  • be creative and solutions focused
  • understand the business outcomes
  • promote ‘guilt-free’ attitude to requests
  • cultivate an open and trusting environment
  • no one size fits all—everybody and every situation is different.

Download the Flexible work request checklist (DOCX, 125 KB) to help you assess and implement requests for flexible working.