How to buy for government

Your agency may do this differently.

The process for buying differs by agency. Talk to your agency's procurement and legal areas, or see your agency intranet.

Process overview

  1. Search whole-of-government arrangements for the good or service you need.
  2. If you can’t find an arrangement that meets your needs, search agency arrangements
  3. Once you’ve exhausted all options, go to market to source your good or service. 

Steps for buying

Whole-of-government arrangements
The easiest way to buy a good or service is to use a supplier listed in one of our existing whole-of-government arrangements (standing offer arrangements).

Agency arrangements
If you can’t find a preferred supplier or arrangement that suits your needs, you can search specific agency arrangements.

Go to market
Once you’ve exhausted all options, you can go to market to source your good or service. You should do this in liaison with your agency procurement lead.

Buying considerations

When buying for government, you should consider:

Helpful resources

More information


If you have queries about the buying process, email or contact your agency procurement lead.