Employee assistance programs

Employee assistance programs (EAP) provide free, professional and confidential counselling services to assist you and your immediate family members through both personal and work related problems, including:

  • work pressure issues
  • emotional stress, anxiety, conflict, tension, and depression
  • separation, divorce, or relationship difficulties
  • child and family issues
  • personal trauma
  • grief and bereavement
  • health and lifestyle issues (including drugs, alcohol and gambling)
  • financial and legal referral.

Counsellors are qualified, experienced professionals who have extensive training in counselling and workplace consulting.

Your agency will use one of the following providers:

Check your intranet or talk to your human resources team to find which service your department uses.


You are entitled to a set number of hours counselling free of charge annually, depending on your agency. If you need additional hours, this will be at your own cost.

You may use the EAP at your own time. However, if you require time off during work hours to attend an appointment, you need approval from your supervisor.


All EAP consultations are strictly confidential. Counsellors will not share information about you with anyone unless you authorise this in writing. In the case of workplace issues, you may authorise your counsellor to discuss the matter with your supervisor or another person you nominate to help address the situation.