About the outlook and roadmap

The 10 year human capital outlook and 3 year strategic roadmap provide the Queensland public sector (the sector) with a plan for our future workforce. Together they inform the agenda for change and the strategic imperatives to position the sector for a radically different future.

Research indicates the nature of work, workers and workforce is changing at an unprecedented rate, and global megatrends are influencing where, when and how we do the work of government.

To ensure we continue to deliver services to Queenslanders and are prepared for challenges on the horizon, a whole-of-sector approach to our workforce is critical.

Download the 10 year human capital outlook (PDF, 904 KB) and 3 year strategic roadmap (PDF, 805 KB).

Sector implementation

The human capital outlook identifies 4 critical levers for change:

Within these levers are 12 strategic imperatives, which form the whole-of-sector priorities for the next 3 years. Some of these priorities are well advanced, with many agencies already participating in pilots or sub-committees dedicated to their implementation.

A range of resources are available to help support agencies to align and implement their own workforce plans.



Through the Leadership Board, the Strategic Workforce Council, champion and driver of this workforce transformation, will:

  • track the progress of strategic imperatives, and co-lead the design and scope of future strategic imperatives
  • review the roadmap to ensure it remains relevant.


Human resource practitioners will consider how their agency strategic workforce plans align to the outlook and roadmap, and develop internal capability to meet future requirements.

Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission will:

  • develop resources for use in agencies
  • deliver Future of Work presentations to agencies on request
  • liaise with stakeholders to explore ways to lift strategic HR capability across the sector.


Contact the Public Service Commission to book a Future of Work presentation for your agency:
Phone: (07) 3003 2830