Design your organisational structure

Understanding drivers for change, organisational design opportunities and refining areas of focus will ensure Queensland public service agencies are future-ready, and able to deliver better outcomes for Queenslanders.

Designing a responsive organisational structure aligned to strategic direction will support streamlined and effective decision-making processes across government.

The Design high-performing, future-focused public sector agencies framework (PDF, 910 KB) can help organisations step through the key principles and illustrates the concept and benefits of focus on re-shaping public service organisations.

Key design principles

  • Customer centric
    • Responsive to the strategic priorities of Government
    • Place-based and human centred
    • Drive effective and efficient services
    • Reduce red tape
    • Only as many organisational layers as necessary
  • Agile and flexible
    • Leverage the capability and capacity of the whole workforce
    • Design for innovation and agility
    • Responsive to change
    • Drive accountability and transparency
    • Integrate systems across boundaries
  • Inclusive
    • Promote collaboration, co-design and partnerships
    • Foster continuous learning and innovation
    • Decisions are made at the lowest practical level
    • Support knowledge sharing
  • Outcomes driven
    • Align with strategic direction
    • Consider systemic and broader impacts
    • Co-create and prioritise outcomes with impact
    • Remove duplication
    • Create increased public value