Understand changes to the public service employment framework

There have been recent, significant amendments to the employment framework for public servants that will support a fair, responsive and inclusive public sector in Queensland.

What's new?

The Public Service Act 2008 (PS Act) was recently amended to place an emphasis on the positive and proactive management of employees and their performance including regular and constructive communication between managers and staff.

To support the changes there will be 11 new and amended directives issued under the PS Act:

What difference will it make?

These amendments will:

  • change the way we manage the performance of employees by focussing on new, positive performance management principles
  • provide new conversion processes for casual employees, and allow temporary and casual employees to seek a conversion review earlier
  • provide employees acting in higher classification roles with an opportunity to seek appointment to the role after a year.

The table below provides a summary of the topics which are most relevant to employees. Information will be updated as the 11 new and amended directives are gazetted and more supporting resources will be available to assist agencies during transition to the new arrangements.

Summary of updates to public service employment framework

More information

Contact your agency human resource team if you have any questions.