Advice for human resources practitioners and managers

The CaPE and HR Assist service, provided by the Public Service Commission, supports human resources practitioners and managers to help them deliver positive workplace outcomes for public service employees. It provides information and advice on the following topics:

Search for Commission Chief Executive directives, guidelines or policies

CaPE and HR Assist does not provide advice to a public service employee about an issue affecting the employee. If you are a public service employee, you should seek advice from your human resources team or agency intranet on issues including pay, leave entitlements, internal policies and procedures, ethics and conflicts of interest.

If you are a human resource practitioner or manager within the Queensland public sector, advice can be sought by logging a request through the CaPE and HR Assist online enquiry form.

Advice on industrial relations matters

The Office of Industrial Relations does not provide advice to individual employees on industrial relations matters. If you are an employee seeking advice in relation to your individual circumstances please contact your agency industrial relations or HR teams directly.

The Office of Industrial Relations provides advice to HR and industrial relations practitioners in the public sector who have queries about industrial relations matters, including the interpretation of directives issued by the Minister for Industrial Relations. If you are a HR or IR practitioner who has an industrial relations query, you should contact the Office of Industrial Relations:

Advice on public service appeals

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) hears and decides appeals against certain decisions which affect public service employees, under Chapter 7 of the Public Service Act 2008. If you are a public service employee and uncertain about whether you have a right of appeal you should refer to the Appeals Guide on the QIRC website or contact the QIRC Registry: