Employee performance

As a Queensland Government employee, you are required to improve all aspects of your performance, under section 26 of the Public Service Act 2008 (PDF, 1.17MB).

The Code of Conduct (PDF, 162 KB) also sets the standard for employees and should be used to underpin discussions about how we approach our work.


As a manager, you must proactively manage the performance and conduct of your staff, including through the implementation of the positive performance management principles.

Under section 26 of the Public Service Act 2008 (PS Act), managers have the responsibility to:

  • ensure their staff are aware of the expected work performance and personal conduct standards
  • proactively manage the performance and conduct of their staff
  • take prompt and appropriate action if unacceptable performance or conduct arises.

Section 25A of the PS Act sets out the positive performance management principles, which provides that the management of public service employees must be directed towards:

  1. pro-actively managing the personal and professional development of public service employees with a view to continuously building expertise within the public service;
  2. ensuring regular and constructive communication between public service managers and employees in relation to the matters stated in section 26 [of the PS Act];
  3. recognising the strengths, requirements and circumstances of individual employees and valuing their contributions;
  4. recognising performance that meets or exceeds expectations;
  5. providing opportunities and support to employees for improving performance;
  6. continuously improving performance through the provision of training and development;
  7. identifying at the earliest possible stage performance that does not meet expectations;
  8. integrating the matters mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (g) into management practices and principles.

Chief executives

Chief executives have a legislated responsibility to promote positive performance management in the public service, under sections 25A and 26 of the Public Service Act 2008:

Conduct and performance resources

Access resources about conduct and performance management.