Gifts and benefits

Public service employees cannot be offered, accept, or give gifts and benefits that affect, could affect, or be perceived to affect their doing their jobs impartially.

Declaration of gifts

You must declare any gifts and other benefits received as part of your official duties to avoid any perception of conflicts of interest or inappropriate influence.

Gifts and benefits register

All agencies must record gifts and benefits received or given with a retail value of more than $150 in a central Gifts and Benefits Register which is to be published quarterly.

Gift registers should remain published on an agency's website for 12 months, at which point they may be taken down and archived in accordance with Retention and Disposal Scheduled for Administrative Records. Copies of previous registers should be made available upon request.

More information

Talk to your manager or human resource team about what to do when offered a gift or benefit.

HR and IR practitioners can contact the PSC Advisory Service.