Promoting the public good – Code of Conduct

Principle and values

The Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 states: In recognition that the public sector is the mechanism through which the elected representatives deliver programs and services for the benefit of the people of Queensland, public service agencies, public sector entities and public officials:

  • accept and value their duty to be responsive to both the requirements of government and to the public interest
  • accept and value their duty to engage the community in developing and effecting official public sector priorities, policies and decisions
  • accept and value their duty to manage public resources effectively, efficiently and economically
  • value and seek to achieve excellence in service delivery
  • value and seek to achieve enhanced integration of services to better service clients.

Standards of conduct

2.1 Commit to excellence in service delivery

Public service agencies are entrusted with public funds to develop and deliver services to the community on behalf of government.

We have a responsibility to:

  • deliver services fairly, courteously, effectively, and ensure we use resources efficiently and economically
  • assist all members of the community, particularly people with disabilities, those who speak languages other than English, and those who may find it difficult to access government services
  • treat complaints from clients and the community seriously and respond to constructive feedback as an opportunity for improvement.

2.2 Ensure appropriate community engagement

Community participation is crucial to the development of quality government planning and decision-making processes.

We have a responsibility, where appropriate and in accordance with our official duties, to:

  • listen and respond to issues and concerns raised by individuals or communities
  • consult with the public to assist in the development of public policy
  • assist in raising community awareness about public issues and policies.

2.3 Work as an integrated service

In order to deliver excellence in customer service, we will work together to address complex issues and provide integrated services to the community.

We have a responsibility, where appropriate and in accordance with our official duties, to:

  • share information across Queensland public service agencies, where permitted by law, to enhance the seamless delivery of services
  • share common-use assets, accommodation, and infrastructure within Queensland public service agencies to generate economies and efficiencies
  • collectively plan and deliver related programs and services within Queensland public service agencies
  • work cohesively at the local, regional, state and national levels to provide integrated services.