Testimonials about Talent Now

Find out what employees and hiring managers are saying about Talent Now.

Sandra Lerch, Director, Office of the Deputy Commissioners, Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission's Capability Blueprint initiative is designed to drive organisational capability and continuous improvement in Queensland Government departments. Over a 4-year period, a blueprint is conducted in each department to identify organisational strengths and opportunities for improvement. Each 12-week blueprint is undertaken by an assessment team drawn from managers across the Queensland public sector.

Talent Now has helped the PSC identify high-performing, high-potential managers with the experience and characteristics needed for a blueprint. The initial search of the Talent Now database identified more than 150 possible candidates, which resulted in 4 candidates using the shortlist function. This function further refined our search, to focus on people with high-level skills in analysis, project management, stakeholder relationships and a strong understanding of the business of government. A preferred candidate is identified from the short list.

With more than 1100 users registered, Talent Now has the critical mass necessary to make it an effective search tool. It is quick, user-friendly and fills a gap in public sector recruitment and selection processes for short-term opportunities.
Talent Now will be an important tool for sourcing Capability Blueprint candidates in the future.

Leeanne Westphal, A/Senior Project Office, Leadership and Capability, Human Resources, Department of Education

As a hiring manager, I registered and used Talent Now to engage and recruit for an AO2 role in the Leadership and Capability team. I heard of Talent Now through our agency's Talent Unit.

By using Talent Now—the new online internal mobility platform—I identified 7 potential candidates who had strong administration skills and capabilities in correspondence and records management, and executive and general administration support.

I contacted all potential candidates to seek interest in the role, with 3 candidates expressing interest. Of these 3 candidates, 1 person was invited to attend an interview; and a further 3 applicants were invited to attend an interview. These were sourced from a recent AO2 recruitment process with the TRACER team.

The Talent Now candidate was successful following interview, referee and criminal history checks, and has commenced employment with the Department of Education on 26 February 2018 in a temporary capacity initially for a 3 month period with possibility of extension.