Register for Talent Now—managers

Talent Now helps Queensland Government managers find the right talent in the Queensland public sector for their team.


Access our diverse talent pool

Tap into the enormous range of skills and experience available in the sector for your next project, collaboration or hire.

Collaborate across the sector

Enable collaboration and mobility across the sector to develop people's skills and capabilities—delivering better outcomes for Queenslanders.

Search and find talent in real time

Don't wait for candidates to come to you—search and find people that match the skills you need instantly.


Fresh perspective

Get someone who can offer a fresh outlook, new skills, experiences and networks

Fill short-term vacancies fast

Search the talent pool within minutes, shortlist candidates for your vacancy, and interview and appoint as normal.

Specialist expertise for your team

Identify internal employees from outside of your usual networks to act as collaborators on projects or work.

Reduce time to hire and cost of hire

A cost-effective way to get someone in the job faster, who has the experience and knowledge to hit the ground running.

To start your search for talent, you will need to request manager access.

Email your agency's Talent Now expert with your contact details to request manager access to Talent Now.

Next steps

You will receive an email from the LiveHire platform asking you to activate your Talent Now account.

You can then use Talent Now to search for talent, create and manage talent pools, and post short-term opportunities to the Talent Now opportunities board (for government employees only). It also allows you to message individuals or groups of employees in Talent Now from across the sector about your team, agency and relevant opportunities.

COVID-19 employee mobilisation service

The LiveHire platform is used for management of the COVID-19 Employee Mobilisation Service (EMS). All Talent Now members will have a Talent Now tag. You may also see some candidates in LiveHire who have an EMS tag on their profile.

They should not be contacted or invited to Talent Now opportunities, unless they also have a Talent Now tag.

Email your agency's Talent Now expert:

Email the Public Service Commission at if your agency is not listed.

LiveHire training

We recommend that all Talent Now managers watch these videos to help get the most out of the platform.

Managers can access help within the Talent Now LiveHire platform by clicking on the 'Help button' in the bottom left hand corner of the home screen or visiting the LiveHire help centre. Managers can also register for a Q&A session with LiveHire.